Welcome to 65 Musalla Website!

65 Musalla is situated on the first floor in Building No# 65 (Centennial Towers) on Thorncliffe Park Drive near the Thorncliffe and Overlea Blvd intersection.

Prayer Times

By the Grace of Allah, the Musalla is now open for daily 5 prayers and Jum’mah. Please note, there will be 2 Jum’mah salaah. First one will be at 1:00PM and the second one will be at 1:45PM Insha’Allah

Services Overview
  • Five times daily Prayers
  • Tajweed Classes
  • Tafseer-e-Qur’an
  • Eid Prayers
  • Taraweeh Prayers
  • Iftar Arrangements
  • Programs & Bayans for Holy nights and occasions

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